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Protection of personal data and privacy/confidentiality is provided by the Constitution of the UAE (Federal Law 1 of 1971) (Article 31), which provides for “freedom of communication by post, telegraph or other means of communication and the secrecy thereof shall be guaranteed in accordance with law”, and various provisions contained within the following laws:

• Penal Code (Federal Law 3 of 1987 as amended);

• Cyber Crime Law (Federal Law 2 of 2006 regarding Information Technology Crime Control); and;

• Regulating Telecommunications (Federal Law by Decree 3 of 2003 as amended) (“Telecoms Law”) including the following implementing regulations/policies (“Policies”) that the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (“TRA”) has enacted with respect to protecting the personal data of consumers that subscribe to a telecommunication service in the UAE:

o Consumer Complaint and Dispute Resolution Procedures (17 April 2007);

o Consumer Complaint and Dispute Resolution Policy(17 April 2007);

o Unsolicited Electronic Communications Regulatory Policy (30 December 2009);

o Privacy of Consumer Information Policy (31 May 2005).

Therefore under this law of protection of personal data, S.D.M. announces that its data in possession will be handled in compliance with the principles of fairness, transparency and protection of confidentiality, in no case will it be transferred to third parties and will be used exclusively by the offices of S.D.M. for conducting informational activities as requested by you. At any time you can exercise your rights if rights were breached in any way.