Over 15 years of success in the treatment of overweight
 and obese people 

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S.D.M., born for the first time in Italy in 1998, is a protocol based on VERY LOW-CALORIE KETOGENIC DIET which is a scientifically designed diet and a validated method.It is the result of Professor Blackburn's studies , instructor at Harvard University. Since the beginning of its activity, S.D.M. has undertaken a constant training activity for physicians and nutritionists to spread the knowledge and the results of the new dietary protocol.

The scientific dedication and professionalism of the business allowed S.D.M. to reach a leader position in the world of dietetics, becoming a leading reference company for doctors and nutrition specialists. Since 2012 S.D.M. has initiated development projects outside the country, first in Turkey and then in other countries, with the aim of spreading the dietary approach of S.D.M. in Europe.


Losing weight is often difficult: sometimes the weight loss process is slow, or you must often weigh and measure all foods, giving up the taste and the variety of the meals. Also, if you are outside home it might be difficult to follow the diet rules. S.D.M. pays particular attention to this aspect, engaging in continuous research and development projects in order to be able to offer products that always meet the different tastes and preferences of the customer. Many dietitians, diabetologists, nutritionists, nephrologists and specialists in food science, widely distributed on the Italian territory, have successfully used the S.D.M. protocol for over 15 years; in those cases it was necessary to obtain effective and lasting weight loss results over time.


For S.D.M., training has always been a priority. For this reason, it promotes every year an intense educational and training activity throughout the national territory through specific courses for physicians and through a network of specialized partners. This focus allows patients to be successfully monitored by doctors and experts in the implementation of the S.D.M. protocol.

Thanks to this commitment, we owe the record of positive results to the S.D.M. protocol and to the high degree of satisfaction by the achieved goals. Among all those people who have followed the S.D.M. Protocol under medical supervision, 80% said that they had reached the agreed weight loss scheduled at the beginning and that they would be willing to repeat the S.D.M. diet if and when it's needed* . Their success is our success!

*Source: Ales Research, "Customer Satisfaction S.D.M.", October 2011

I have always been supported by the doctor who was at my disposal .

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After so many diets I found the right one .

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This diet has the capability to produce beneficial effects in short time; also thanks to the enormous medical support .

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The SDM diet changed my life.

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In about one year and a half I lost 40 kg, I returned to my previous form and I started doing so many activities that I stopped doing because my extra weight made it difficult, if not impossible (diving, horseback riding .

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This is the best path especially for those who were never able to complete a diet.

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