Successful stories

THE S.D.M. Diet told by people who reached their target weight



I have always been supported by the doctor who was at my disposal .

My name is Chiara, I'm 47 years old and I'm a preschool teacher.

It is never easy to talk about diets and sacrifices to be afforded: you end up telling of waivers and failures, of periods when you had to deprive of many pleasures and when you were definitely "starved" .... and more often you end up seeing the results go up in smoke because you go back to old habits after so much abstinence.

I definitely belong to the category, over the threshold of 40 years, who has started a process to reduce her weight several times and that several times has failed.

The change has happened when, two years ago, I knew of S.D.M. diet.

The first reason why I decided to join this kind of diet was because all foods, normally excluded in the traditional diets, here are replaced with many others, both savory and sweet: pasta, bread, biscuits, bread sticks, buns. ... And this is an incredible mental help!!! Then there is the hunger aspect: I have never suffered of hunger pangs because the food plan is very rich and varied.

The doctor was always there for me and she was at my disposal for questions, controls .... and chatters!

The results came quickly and I felt motivated to go on with the diet without losing heart: in less than two months I lost 13 kilos without losing muscle tone and I was able to maintain a good mood. Perhaps my good mood was also due to the the chatters I was talking about before .....!

Briefly, according to my experience, this path was very positive and since in the last period I exaggerated a bit too much at the table, I will soon go back to the S.D.M. diet regime and I will do it with the certainty that in a short time and without sacrifices I will be fit again.