Successful stories

THE S.D.M. Diet told by people who reached their target weight.



After so many diets I found the right one .

I decided to try this diet after seeing its effect on one of my dearest friends ; she explained to me the mechanism which activates our metabolism and I can guarantee that is all true. It was very easy to follow this diet because you don't feel hungry. Perhaps, mentally speaking, when you follow a diet you think "Now I'm going to die of hunger, and above all I can not eat any sweets ". Instead, I can guarantee this is not true. In the large variety of products you will use, there are so many great desserts. It's a fast diet since you can't be on a diet for a year or more. In fact, I lost over 12 kg in three months. Not too bad, what do you think?

But what rewards you is not only the loss of weight but other very important elements such as good mood that you usually lose when you are on a diet and that you don't feel tired but full of fighting spirit energy.

Now I feel fit, I feel good, I like myself.I can guarantee that getting into clothes that I once suffered from just looking at them or that would never have fit me makes me feel like a new person. Products you can eat are many, practical to use, already portioned, nothing to weigh. Being on a diet and eating some great fettuccine with vegetables ... I could not ask for more. Clearly, your feeding regime is followed by a doctor who does continuous check ups on you, who gives recommendations and one very important aspect is that he has tested the diet on himself. I would recommend this diet to everybody because I know what it means to feel uncomfortable with one's self and I know that the more kilos you weigh, the more health problems you'll have.

Thank you S.D.M. for this opportunity!