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THE S.D.M. Diet told by people who reached their target weight

Sandro C. e Katia T.

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Sandro C. e Katia T.


This diet has the capability to produce beneficial effects in short time; also thanks to the enormous medical support .

Hello! We are a forties married couple who are going to tell our story with S.D.M.

Our experience came our way by chance, a lucky coincidence. One day, more than five months ago, during a birthday party, we met a person who we had not seen for a while and started investigating how we can completely change our appearance , indeed revealing, a bright and firm idea. It was during this occasion we heard about S.D.M. diet for the first time. There are so many diet proposals around us but this was totally unknown. The step from the description of this diet till the first consultation at the study of Dr. M., dietitian, nutritionist, was really short.

The decision was initially forced by my wife who had noticed a long time ago the rod that metaphorically represents the difference between fit people, strong people and plump people. We threw ourselves headlong, conscious that if we had not achieved the expected goals we would have come back to our customs immediately. Deeply in my heart, I hoped that we would! My hope, however, "sigh" was in vain. Since the first checks, I had to abandon the idea of conquering again the previous regime. The scale, in fact, continued to report time after time amazing results in favor of our line. That's why we desired to continue strongly on this path.

Stating that this path has been simple and free of problems would be a heresy. What overweight human would not want to continue gorging different things without being obliged to follow specific culinary choices, different from his own habits. However, I succeeded in finding a satisfactory answer to these obstacles. It is simple: despite all the sacrifices you lose weight seriously and in short time, retaining, enhancing and accentuating the sense of well-being and the desire to fully live your daily lives, without the fear of being the target of various opinions and unwelcome comments .

This diet has the capability to produce beneficial effects in a short time, with the enormous professional medical support, in our case by Dr. M., that produced its beneficial effects allowing us to "open our eyes" and to feel a state of physical and mental well-being ; just imagine that this diet has led us to lose about 20 kg in about 3 months.

We have nothing to gain telling lies, but certainly our story will help other people who want to lose weight.

Sandro C. and Katia T.