Successful stories

THE S.D.M. Diet told by people who reached their target weight

S. 35 Years


The SDM diet changed my life. I could finally get into any clothing store and choose whatever I liked and not buy what fits me. I have started dressing in clothes that I have never thought I could wear! My self-esteem climbs to the stars!

After many attempts, I needed a diet, different from all the others I followed in the past which I started and never was able to complete. A diet that would have allowed me to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time without "suffering" too much and without losing lean body mass. Surfing on the internet, I came across S.D.M. website and was immediately intrigued. I read the protocol, it was interesting to me since it seemed to be a different diet from the others ..and products did not look bad! I read some forums that talk about it to understand if it was an effective method or if it was the common diet that usually is unsuccessful. It seemed to have all the credentials, so I got in touch with the doctor who then followed up with me for about 2 years. And from there my journey began.

I must admit that the first few days were the hardest ones because of the lack of carbohydrates which makes you feel hungry and a bit weak. You have to wait to get into ketosis and magically everything will fade away, leaving room for unexpected energy !

Products are not bad and they substitute the lack of sweets that often made me waver during previous diets. Clearly I tried many products until I found my favorite, that I was able to hold on to until the end of the diet. Sometimes the doctor informed me about new products that I immediately ordered.

Spending all the day outside, the possibility to bring with me S.D.M. products instead of cooking mini-portions of food as allowed in other diets the night before was very convenient for me.

I find it a "Plus" that you don't have to weigh anything (making exception for a few foods). In previous diets this was the main factor that has always made me give up.

In one year and a half I lost 27 kg and I went on for 6-8 months with the reintroduction of foods and the maintenance programs.

S.D.M. diet changed my life, I could finally get into any clothing store and choose what I liked and not buy what I found .. I started dressing in clothes that I never thought that I'd be able to wear! I'm over the moon!

2 years after the diet I weigh 57 kg. I try to keep the weight under control even though I'm always on alert. When I pass a few periods with some "cheating" I go back to the doctor who followed up with me to get back on the right track.

Definitely I think that it is important to be followed up when you start this diet. It is very strict, it has precise rules that must not be violated to avoid serious problems or simply small mistakes that could compromise the results.

When you follow this diet it is a big help to have a guide that encourages you to continue and who explains the reasons of a "stalling" period.

What I could say more .. if I went back in time I would do this diet all over again. It brought me great results that otherwise I would not have been able obtain. I wasn't hungry, I didn't miss sweets and since I don't like cooking, having ready a S.D.M. product allowed me to have lunch or dinner without having last minute junk food!