Successful stories

THE S.D.M. Diet told by people who reached their target weight

M. 45 YEARS.


In about one year and a half I lost 40 kg, I returned to my previous form and I started doing so many activities that I stopped doing because my extra weight made it difficult, if not impossible (diving, horseback riding ...)

The first and most important decision was to lose weight. With a high blood pressure and the risk of a heart attack I could not waste time anymore.

I chose S.D.M. for a few simple, but important reasons:

  • The constant check ups and monitoring by a doctor
  • The promise of losing body fat and maintaining lean body mass.
  • The Slimming speed
  • The fact that I had never followed a "protein ketogenic diet "

S.D.M. is not a very simple diet. The use of products helps a lot, but to follow a diet with few external carbohydrates is complicated. Especially for those who often have meals out and for those who, like me, have a sweet tooth.

Unlike other diets, S.D.M. does not promise miracles. The first factor to achieve the set goal is the conviction with dealing with the weight-loss path. Personally I was very convinced, so I began my diet on December 23rd.

Thanks to the controlled ketosis mechanism, it was the first and only diet that I managed to do without feeling hungry and weak. Instead, I rediscovered a strength that I did not think I had. Thanks to this process I lost weight consistently, week after week entering a virtuous circle. The More fat I lose the more happy I became.

Following the diet was easier thanks to the available foods. You can find them in all types and tastes, it's hard not to find something you like. They are excellent products that provide energy and satiety necessary to continue with constantly.

Throughout the diet I was constantly under medical supervision. I have always been wary of "do-it-yourself "diets. This monitoring allowed me to lose weight in a fair and balanced way without any risk for my health ,and helped me in losing fat and maintaining muscle mass.

In about 1 year and a half I lost 40 kg, I went back down to my initial weight and I started again doing so many things that I stopped doing because my weight made it difficult, if not impossible, (diving, horse riding, etc.).

Current situation: I weigh 90 Kg , my blood pressure is 120 over 80, the latest blood tests have the same values of those ones I had when I was 25 years old.