Slimming, Transition and Weight Maintenance

Three steps to get the best results

Weight loss stages


The S.D.M. dietary path allows the person to lose weight quickly. The protocol includes three basic steps: a first phase of real slimming. A second transition phase, which consists of the gradual reintroduction of foods with carbohydrate content. The last one is the maintenance phase, aimed to achieve a balanced diet.

Each step is followed up by an experienced doctor who works with a careful and scrupulous attention. He or she builds the diet according to the needs and the health status of the patient, he or she checks out metabolic values during the diet and guides the patient both during the stabilization phase and the phase of the return to the normal regime.


The weight loss phase is the first step of the diet. It takes place with the use of S.D.M. protein foods and micro-nutritional vitamins and minerals supplements. During this first step we will witness the process of controlled ketosis which is a physiological metabolic process that determines the absence of the hunger sense and the consumption of fatty tissue as energy source. This allows customers to accept the protocol without difficulty and without the assistance of drugs.


The transition step consists of the gradual reintroduction, in terms of quality and quantity, of all foods. In this way it is possible to maintain, with time, the achieved results leading in a way to a healthy, varied and complete diet.


The maintenance is the third and the final step of the S.D.M. protocol where, once you reach the desired weight, it is possible to go back to a balanced diet. At this stage, S.D.M. promotes the combination of a Mediterranean diet with personalized sports activities.

I have always been supported by the doctor who was at my disposal .

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After so many diets I found the right one .

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This diet has the capability to produce beneficial effects in short time; also thanks to the enormous medical support .

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The SDM diet changed my life.

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In about one year and a half I lost 40 kg, I returned to my previous form and I started doing so many activities that I stopped doing because my extra weight made it difficult, if not impossible (diving, horseback riding .

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This is the best path especially for those who were never able to complete a diet.

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The S.D.M. diet is a personalized diet which is built according to the patient's health status, metabolism and weight goals. It is important that the weight loss is checked by a physician in order to give the right support to the body change and to adapt the diet according to the response to each. Furthermore, the physiological mechanism of ketosis is based on a metabolic balance that must be properly maintained and controlled by an expert so that the weight loss can be constant and effective.